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The New Wave is here FLI Entertainment Inc. "You can't tell me I ain't FLI" just ask Gucci Mane of 1017!! "If I'm Lyin I'm Flyin" ask Kodak Blacc. The FLI wave has already inspired several mainstream artists campaign. They've already jumped the wave!! This newly formed record label out of Atlanta, Ga. will continue to deliver to the world this New New Wave . FLI Entertainment Inc is more than a record label (FLIE). FLI Entertainment Inc is the new way to live. The "Forever Lasting Impression" way. With a Vision to empower every individual that comes across FLI platform through personal growth & Development powered by other empowered people from this FLI Entertainment Network. 

Ellis Campbell (Founder/CEO) from Kankakee, IL. Composer, MASTERMIND POPS the FLIE_Bos

Tavion Jackson (president) from Montgomery, AL. FLIE South Spokesman, Songwriter (Pres. FLI Entertainment Inc) Tay X

Chris Bauck (president) from Fargo,MN. FLIE North Spokesmen (CEO GMC Entertainment), Grandmaster Crysis Songrwriter, DJ, , Pres Crysis 

FM Benji (STAR) from Macon, Ga. Artist, Songwriter, Production Engineer , Fastmoney Benji 

Daniel Jones (COO FLIE ) from Washington, DC, FLIE Operating Officer ,  Producer , Priest Baba

Frank Ryte (investor/Shareholder) From Detroit, MI. FLIE Shareholder Artist, Financial Officer, Mr. Ryte

Henne$$ey Henno (Money Millionaires) from Kankakee, IL. Artist, Songwriter, Battle Rapper, Lyricist, HENNO

R$ch$e R$ch (Money Millionaires) from Mobile, AL. Artist, Production Engineer, Mr SAUCE

Kaliber (GWOP Lafamilia) from Benton Harbor, MI. Artist, Songwriter, Battle Rapper, 50 KAL

Infamous Bad Brad (I2B) from Chicago,IL. CEO Royal Dynasty Artist Singer,Engineer, Model  Actor, Photography, IBB

Don Echelon (ECHE) from Atlanta,GA. Artist, Producer, engineer, Graphic Designer

This is not your average entertainment company. This is a brand that is creating a movement. FLIE's mission is to bring unity and creative empowering fun music to the world again. "We're here to make music Great Again." FLI Entertainment Inc, was founded and formed in Atlanta, Ga. in 2017 with a vision and a goal. Now that dream is a reality. FLIE has begun to make a strong presence in the Atlanta music scene and growing nationally & internationally very fast, with no financial support nor investors. Currently FLI Entertainment Inc is looking for investors; all investors are welcome. Consider using the donation tab on the Home page of this website. All donations will be acknowledged and are greatly appreciated. Thank You for your support and energy.  Join our mailing list for music updates, shows promotions, earnings opportunities, discounts and more. Know all things FLIE... 


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Forever Lasting Impression

Forever Lasting Impression